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200 Pound Beauty

200 Pound Beauty

— sang by Kim Ah Joong

the wind is shaking the windows,and over my small room,
the stars fill up the sky, shining brightly too many to count,
the stars reassure tired me
they wipe away the many tears that are deep inside me

don’t be hurt too much..they hug me tight and pamper me
and comfort me,
telling me to go to sleep

though I’m exhausted to the point where I can’t walk
though my tears blur my vision
I’ll still smile in front of my love that I’m not able to get

Even though our happy times were short, I’ll treasure it deep inside my heart
like those countless number of stars, forever (more…)


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This Is Love…

I came upon this poem a long time ago, i cant remember who wrote this. Nevertheless, i want to share it with you. So here it is its entitled:

This is love…

When you think of your past love
You may view it as a failure
But when you find a new love
You view the past as a teacher

In the game of love
It doesn’t really matter who won or who lost
What is important is you know when

To hold on and when to let go

You know you really love someone

When you want him to be happy

Even if his or her happiness means

That you’re not part of it.

Everything happens for the best

If the person doesn’t love you back

Don’t be afraid to love someone else again

For you’ll never know unless you give it a try

You’ll never love a person you love

Unless you risk for love


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Now that my grandma has already left us i don’t know how we(relatives) all can still see each other. My mom always tells me that the reason that we are always at Naic is because of her… But now that shes gone, i dont know how we all can still be with each other…

We used to spend xmas and nanay’s bday there… Now, the dates are indefinite…

I wish that in the future we will be able to see each other again… (sigh…)

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