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On my way home from work this morning, i received a phone call from my sister, she told me that my grandmother on my mother’s side passed away at 3:00 am. I am really not that shocked coz its her second time to be confined to the hospital. But, i still can’t explain the sadness that’s enveloped me right now…
Our family has been expecting it for some time… But facing it is still difficult and I, for one, cannot fantom the idea where I won’t be seeing her cheerful smile again… Her rough voice when calling our names and the smell of the cigarette she used to smoke…
I am sad… I am sad… I AM SAD…
Goodbye gran and thank you for being so good to us all. Always imparting all your childhood memories and stories with us… Thank you for everything… Though i was not able to tell you…. I hope that you know in your heart, I Love You Grandma!
“Nanay, we’re all gonna miss you! Thank you and I Love you!”


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Yipee! After a long wait, i have bought my dream camera! Its an Olympus FE-280 super slim with 8 megapixel digital camera. I’ve been trying hard to find a good subject but i guess i’ll jaz have to settle with what’s available!.

Anyways, i am HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY!

Hey pipay, smile! Whoops! I think dogs don’t smile! =) (Ei, dont curl up!)

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Happiness, a feeling of pleasure, contentment or joy is what i am feeling right now…. After a long search in the internet, i have found my former classmates at UP Mla.. I am overwhelmed with happiness inside me… I have found them and i miss them… (more…)

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