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It’s my first day back from the hospital. My mom was confined to La Salle University Medical Hospital 3 days ago. She was confined because her doctor wanted to admit her. Her diagnosis was infected wound in the left hand. I was with her when we she had been told by Dr. Bicol that she has to be admitted to the hospital and submit to the critical care of the hospital. The reason behind this is that her wound that was bitten by the dog was not yet healed after 2 weeks…. The doctor said that admitting her in the hospital was our best option. (more…)


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I’ve read my cousins blog and found a blog entitled “What’s In a Name”. Actually, thats where i based my title too. I got curious as to what’s tha meaning of my name. So i went to the URL she posted and typed my name…

Here they are: (more…)

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