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It’s been a whole 24 hours and I still don’t know what I will say to you. We’ve been through so much and you’ve been my friend for such a long time.

You know what? I’m sure gonna miss you my friend…

I’m not really good with words but I want you to know that you’re a special person, and having you as a friend is one of the few things that I thank God for.

I recall, when we were in College, we’ve been classmates and batchmates to be exact. Our encounters were brief… She’ll ask if there was an assignment on a subject and I’ll reply to whatever her question was. From afar, you’re a girl whose got spunk! A girl whose smart and intelligence oozes a lot of courage and energy, very lively and determined too! Always with a lot of friends and the heart of their group. Being a pretty girl next door was never a disadvantage for her, cleverness seems synonymous to her that whenever you see her, you never see just a beautiful face but also a smart girl. She also earned my respect and admiration even from afar…



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I have often asked myself, what good things have I ever done to deserve such a friend like you. It may sound corny, but the truth is: your jaz too good to be true…

When I was just a little girl, my goal in life was to be successful in every endeavor that I will take. Be the best in the things that I will pursue. I don’t care much of other people. What is important is just me. I grew up secured in life, my parents and sister love me, so does my relatives. I was so confident of myself that I never needed to NEED other people. I often wondered why other people have to still stay at school even if classes are already finished. What do they gain by hanging around and talking with each other.

But later, I discovered the importance of friendship and a friend…

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What is love? Love is said to be something like faith, you never can see it but you can feel it. You have to trust the feeling to know that it exists…. Many times, i think i know how it feels to love… Many times over i’ve felt how good it feels to be able to love… But with this many times comes much more heartaches that i can ever imagine.
I have always regarded myself to be someone special. I am a talented person and whom has so many real friends to start with. I value myself to the many things that i have accomplished, goals in life that not so many persons have achieved. I am actually an achiever… Life may be tough but i am tougher! (i hope!) Accomplishments in life may be to good to be true and i am proud of all i have done.
But then, somehow, somewhere deep inside of me, there is a certain loneliness and sadness that i feel… I don’t know for sure, but sometimes i feel like crying… it might be nothing to others but sometimes if feel like i don’t really belong. I eve feel like an outcast… (more…)

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